Documentary and promotional films

Documentary and promotional filmsDocumentary and promotional films


The Company

Resolution Productions is a 4K Video Documentary Company specializing in the creation of compelling programming and promotional media, in locations around the globe. Since our beginning, in 1995, our work has ranged from national television spots and infomercials, to historical documentaries, special interest series and teaching programs. Our broadcasters includes The Discovery Network, PBS, A&E and TNT. We’ve produced marketing presentations for Disney, Verizon, IBM and many other corporations. Our work can be found streaming on Hulu, and Netflix.



Founding Partners Jim Taylor (Director/Camera/Editor) and Barbara Potter (Producer) are responsible for all aspects of the Company's work, collaborating  with an alliance of outstanding freelancers. We team with each client to transform ideas and imagination into memorable programs with large audiences. Our work has taken us from Bangladesh to Ghana, Peru to New Zealand and to over 30 other countries. We have a well-developed ability to connect with diverse populations in a wide variety of circumstances and we love what we do. 



A More or Less Perfect Union (PBS) 3 Hours 

- A Constitution: In Writing, For All, and At Risk

Ideas That Changed The World (PBS) 2 Hours

- The Real Adam Smith

The Power of the Poor (PBS) 1 Hour

- Locked Out of Globalization

Unlikely Heroes of The Arab Spring (PBS) 1 Hour

- The Life and Death of Mohamed Bouazizi

A Sampling of Earlier Work:

Power to the People (PBS) 1 Hour

Globalization at the Crossroads (PBS) 1 Hour

The Ultimate Resource (PBS and HD Net) 1 Hour

The Secret World of Airfreight (Discovery) 1 Hour

Battleship (Discovery) 2 Hours

All About Money (A&E) 4 Hours

California and the Dream Seekers (A&E) 4 Hours 

Floating Palaces (A&E) 4 Hours

Pets: Part of the Family (PBS) 26 1/2 Hours

The Joy of Gardening (Syndicated) 26 1/2 Hours

A More or Less Perfect Union (Tease)

Ideas that changed the world (Tease)

The Power of the Poor (Tease)

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