Shots from the Field

Barb and Jim in Albania

Barb and Jim in Berat, Albania

Jim with Maasai Guys

Jim with Maasai Elders in Arusha, Tanzania

Barb and Jim with Bangladesh Weaver Family

Crew and Featured Family in Bangladesh

Jim with Group of Kids in Tanzania

Jim Gets Down with Village Kids

Barb with Two Women in Peru

Barb with Peruvian Farmers 

Jim and Hernando in Huaycan

Jim Works with Hernando de Soto in Huaycan, Peru

Jim and Weaver

Jim and Bangladeshi Weaver in Gonokbari

Barb and Victoria

Barb and Victoria after School in Ghana

Jim and Monitor in Estonia

Jim and Ants-Martin (PA) at the Estonia Piano Company

Barb, Jim and Robert in Albania

Barb, Jim and Robert (PA) Overlook the Med

Jim with Tanzania House Family

Jim and Homeowners in Kinzudi Goba

Production Team in Switzerland

Crew with Hernando de Soto at Roman Ruin in Switzerland

Crew and Eusebio in Field

Crew with Featured Couple in El Palomar, Peru

Lilly, Barb and Jim at Pudong Skyline

Lily (PA) with Barb and Jim in Shanghai 

Jim and Hernando and Script in Switzerland

Jim Directs Hernando de Soto by the River Aare

Jim with Ghana School Dancer

Jim in the Schoolyard in Bortianor, Ghana

Jim Showing Monitor to Ghana School Children

Jim Shows the Class How They Look

Jim on Top of Train

Jim Rides a Steam Train in Colorado

Jim and Carrot Farmer in Japan

Jim Compares Weights with Vegetable Farmer in Tokyo.

Jim and Bangladesh Boys, Riverside

Jim on the Waterfront in Dhaka

Barb and Calf in Peru

Barb Makes a Friend at the Cattle Market in Inquilpata